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World leader in sulphur for animal nutrition

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Benchmark, commitment to continuos research and development, safety and strict quality control – that’s what Carbotex represents.

Carbotex goes far beyond Chemistry to create innovative, profitable and sustainable solutions to its clients. Find out more!

Our Markets

Developing ideas for these segments is both a challenge and an economical need


The agricultural line of products by Carbotex is specially prepared to promote the best field results, both for the production of fertilizers and direct application in the soil. It’s the combination between economy and productivity, which helps ensure success in your business.

Cattle raising

When it comes to sulphur for animal nutrition, we are the benchmark. In addition to exclusive technologies and strict production control, Carbotex has a technical team of highly trained and experienced professionals, dedicated to research and development of products and processes.


Chemical products and versatile uses are indispensable to ensure long-lasting success in the face of domestic competition. We invest in solutions that play an important part in the development of society, and for various markets, with emphasis on industries such tire, automotive, plastics, recycling, and abrasive, among others.

World leader in sulpher for animal nutrition

ISO 9001 Certification

UN Global Compact Signatory

Gold in the evaluation of Corporate Social Responsibility of the EcoVadis platform

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Are you interested in working with us?

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