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Productivity and yield for your crops

The agricultural sector has been researching solutions for higher and better production per arable land in order to meet the demands of the world`s evergrowing population.

By providing raw materials to industrial, trade, and services sectors, we have become essential to the maintenance of the world’s economy.

In order to reach that goal, for every crop every year, the most varied companies linked to the agribusiness sector choose suppliers that offer technical skills, reliability and integrity, who can also ensure the protection of the soil and plants, as well as the best business environment.  In this context, Carbotex has become the first choice to most of them.

Our dedication and commitment stretch beyond: we offer much more then raw matrials; we provide safety, guaranted by our strict quality control processes that monitor the whole production cycle, storage, and delivery.

Offering turnkey solutions means to go beyond production capacity and capability. It means to understand and attend to the real needs of each client, farmers, and fertilizer companies, deploying all synergy between raw materials and excellent services.

National benchmark for the production of fertilizers and their direct use to soil, Carbotex product line is especially prepared to promote the best results on field. It’s the alliance between economy and productivity, helping to promote and maintain the success of your business. 

Uniform, High-Yield Crops

Continuous Research and Development 

Efficient Management for Soil Preparation and Fertilization

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Are you interested in working with us?

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