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The Carbotex

Often times we contribute to just one part of the total, but we know it makes a big difference. We are presente in tires, animal foods, civil construction, in the fruits, coffee, milk and meat that get to your table and in many other products that are part of your day-to-day, such as plastic, glass, and even the fuel that powers trucks transporting all kinds of products throughout Brazil and South America.

Carbotex simbolizes profitable businesses and power to overcome. Our work focuses on a culture directed to results, lucrative growth and valuing of industrial and human capital. Our corporate strategy is supported by sustainable development, aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals, and we know that from personal appreciation and development and investment in technology and innovation, we will be recognized as a valuable and reliable company. 

Working in Brazil and South America, Carbotex has a fundamental role for the Brazilian economy, importing essencial products for the agribusiness and industrial activity, besides processing products for the agriculture, cattle raising and industrial activity, for the domestic and overseas markets.

We have a common purpose: Improve the quality of people’s nutrition and well-being, and contribute to the growth and strengthening of the national economy, every single day.


Our history begins in 1997. Our first plant started operating in the city of Campo Limpo Paulista, state of São Paulo, making sulphur 99.0% for the cattle raising and industrial segments.

Since the foundation, we have had continuous improvement, innovation and investments in technology as our main features.  Seven years later, we were already too big for our initial facilities, and in 2004 Carbotex moved to a new and larger area of 30,000 sqm in the city of Araçariguama, 60 km far from the city of São Paulo.

A little after that, in 2006, we implemented ISO 9001 Quality Management System, which came to certify the excellence of our processes and the high quality standard of our products.

In 2008, as a result of experience and mature knowledge, we introduced our own chemical solutions in our business, which gave us the possibility to increase warranty and the added value of the products we offer.

This development period paved the road for us to enlarge our product line – we grew with stability and planning.

In 2016, we went on to enlarge and modernize both our production and office facilities, and introduced a novelty, a laboratory equiped to meet all testing and improvement needs.

Two decades after we started sulphur processing, we took another step towards fulfilling our dream and mission: we began to offer our solutions not only in the Brazilian territory, but also to Latin American countries. We’re expanding our operation year after year.

Starting a new period for our company that aims at strengthnening sustainability in business, we became signatories of UN Global Compact in 2020, implementing environmental, social and governance practices. In today’s world, where companies are followed closely by their stakeholders, acting in conformity and complying with these principles show solidity, lower costs and creates better reputation.

Today, we are leaders in the agribusiness and cattle raising sulphur market in Brazil. Carbotex is a diversified chemical company that produces and sells high quality, reliable, sustainable solutions, operating in agricultural, cattle raising and industrial segments.

Our successful path isn’t just in the numbers, but also and mainly, in the development of self research, investiments in employees’ training, and in a result-oriented company structure. We know we need to transform and reinvent ourselves constantly, but that’s part of Carbotex’s DNA!


Produce and sell chemical and technological solutions in a sustainable way and with high quality, which can contribute to productivity and profitability of agribusiness, cattle raising and industrial activity in Brazil and Latin America.


• Respect to Life to the and Environment
• Transparency and Ethics
• Social and Environmental Responsibility
• Safety in the Work Environment
• Employee Training and Satisfaction
• Product Quality
• Development of Innovative Solutions
• Punctuality and Agility in Customer Service
• Market Orientation
• Focus on Results


To be a proactive company, innovative and committed to continuous learning for the development of chemical and technological solutions, focused on market and clients’ demands, keeping a balanced relationship between human beings and the environment.

Política da Qualidade

Ensure Customer Satisfacion through: • Continuous improvement of work environment;
• Process and Product improvement;
• Constant training and development of our employees;
• Development of collaboration with our suppliers;
• Commitment and Satisfaction of our employees to belong to Carbotex Chemicals.

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Are you interested in working with us?

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