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Consisting in high quality products, guaranteed by the competence of the technical team, and by the substantiated wide knowledge of applications, as well as continuous disposition for improvement, Carbotex industrial product line shows excellent uniformity of particles and high degree of purity.

These are versatile solutions for the market, used in chemical processes, metallurgy, agriculture, cattle raising, construction and cosmetics industries and many others, present in the daily lives of all of us, from
simple objects to the biggest and most complex industrial processes, playing a role of great importance in the development of our society.

For this reason, Carbotex believes and invests permanently in infrastructure, new techniques and production processes, with the capacity to provide all markets with special products of high levels of purity and reactivity. All operations are controlled and monitored for their environmental sustainability, as we always adopt the Cleaner Production principles.

Carbotex Sulphur Powder Line offers great uniformity of particles and comes in several mesh sizes. Preparation is done entirely in modern, stainless steel closed-loop system and in controlled atmosphere, that meets the highest standards and specifications, including oil and water mixes.

Produced with double aerodynamic properties classification, the Atomised Sulphur has essential characteristics to meet varied demands from the most diverse agricultural and industrial applications. 

The high quality of our products, timely deliveries, excellent customer service and innovative solutions have earned Carbotex outstanding reputation for safety, competitiveness and productivity.

Carbotex operates in the entire Brazilian territory and also in several countries in South America. Through
our innovative solutions, we actively reach expanding markets around the world.

High Degree of Purity and Uniformity of Particles

Efficiency, Sustainability and Environmental Protection

Competitiveness and Teamwork

Flexibility and Customer Service Agility

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Are you interested in working with us?

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